Tory Lanez, freestyles and dining & dashing in COPENHAGEN || #TeaWithG


Under 24 hours

SkyScanner our flights costs £25 each return flight via EasyJet. Parking at Luton Airport can be pricey so just make sure you sort the logistics just before driving to the airport!

Another Air BnB – which was terrible this time round. Just had too many beds and not well laid out as a flat and hard to find! However for £20 per head for the night – it did us justice as well as being in a prime location!

Nothing to report! TGI Fridays and McDonalds is all we ate

This time round we really only went to see Tory Lanez and the city centre which was just full of bicycles and people! We had no time to sight see but I am sure there is something more to see in Copenhagen!

Nightime – we went to a great club called Shade. FYI – be ready to party with a lot of smokers that are smoking in the club!

Definitely a buzzing city – people were out throughout the whole night! People were really friendly and vibrant! Even bumped into a mini carnival street party. Somewhere I can reccomend to go and visit for a few days!

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