Boats, Yachts, Christmas and family birthdays in PAPHOS || #TeaWithG


5 nights

There are only select few airlines going – but as we booked with only a month to go – we decided to take EasyJet which costs roughly £200 each.

Ken organised a luxurious 5 star villa – Oceania (with Panorama – as there were no other bookings this period) – amazing place. The view is breathtaking! Although the pool is ice cold and the villa gets cold at night – which means you should definitely order the heating as an extra – the hospitality from the family that run the business just made the stay that bit more enjoyable.

Sooo we initially went to a Phillipos Supermarket which was down the hill a short way but felt really small and we thought we aren’t going to be in luck for Christmas. But then I found a large Phillipos – essentially finding out we had gone to a Tesco Express as opposed to a Tesco extra. If staying in Oceania or Panorama – takeaway is not an option as it is too far out so prepare beforehand! There are restaurants and more at the shopping centre which is further downtown.

As it was a family holiday celebrating my dad’s birthday and Christmas we spent most of the time in the villa. But other than that:
– Rent a yacht and have a great day out
– Go Karting
– Downtown shopping centre etc

Very relaxed and chilled – especially the way this trip went – so can therefore be done as a couple – I recommend a group of couples. Cyprus is known as a party destination country as a whole and there is that in Paphos but not in the region in which we stayed.

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